Supreme Upholstery is a family-owned upholstery and furniture manufacturing business, renowned for style, quality and exceptional craftsmanship.

Founded by Errol Julies in 1990, from its humble beginnings, this dynamic company has grown substantially to a dynamic and trusted supplier. We now boast a staff compliment of almost 110 permanent staff under the management of Ricardo, Cindy and Jason Julies, Errol’s sons and daughter.

Our success is driven by our commitment to our clients, our hands-on approach that ensures unmatched quality, short lead-times and timely deliveries.

We offer a range of products manufactured to superior quality with up market finishes that appeals to a wide range of tastes and décor needs.

We hope you enjoy our website. Please visit our showroom in Stellenbosch to view our full range and remember to contact us directly for tailor-made and bespoke furniture solutions.



Belinda is the welcoming face at reception and a mother to many at Supreme. After her husband's death, until which time she had worked as a housewife, she joined the company and has since been here every single day. “I thrive on the interaction with the customers and employees. I have also learnt a lot from the time I first started working here to now! I thoroughly enjoy being here. My firm belief in life is: "a family that prays together, stays together," and this is what I taught my children and what I instill in my grandchildren.”


The youngest of the Supreme team, I pride myself in being an ever growing, young businessman. After completing matric, I considered pursuing a career in sport, but opted to join the family business instead – and haven’t look back since. I started from the bottom, stripping furniture and being a driver’s assistant and it’s exactly those humble beginnings that have enabled me to fulfill my role today, which covers many disciplines within our dynamic family business. From being actively involved in the manufacturing of our products, the selection process of our resources, interacting with clients and my main focus on logistics and maintenance – a 24-hour day at Supreme is never enough.

As a young boy, I used to look up to my family running our business, but today I can proudly contribute to the growth of Supreme Furniture Manufacturers and together with my mom, brother and sister, lead the way into the future.

My appreciation of all things beautiful and the good living is evident in what we offer at Supreme Furniture Manufacturers, and my vision is that our customers walk out of our showroom inspired by our products.


“As the only daughter of the late Errol Julies, I often reminisce about the times I would come to Stellenbosch (we lived in Cape Town at the time) in school holidays with my father. For me at the time it was more an outing.... going to the mall, watching movies than focusing on my father's business. Not in a million years did I ever know where this journey would take me. When my father passed away in 1996, I was in my matric year. My plans of becoming an air stewardess were given up and in 1997 I joined my brother Ricardo in taking over our family business. Being so young, I quickly had to learn how to stand my ground if we wanted the business to be a success. Myself and Ricardo started from the bottom by doing everything, filling each position in the business, putting in very late hours, delivering and collecting furniture, quoting customers which usually happened after hours and even carrying furniture every day in and out of our then very small workshop.

Supreme and Stellenbosch soon became an integral part of my life to a journey I would not change for the world. All the hard work, long hours, sweat, smiles and even the tears have moulded us in becoming what we are today. My main focus is running the factory with my brothers and concentrating mainly on accounts and HR and helping out wherever I am needed. I have since also been blessed with a beautiful daughter, Luna, who is the apple of her mother's eye. My motto in life is: ‘this too shall pass’ and it's helped me on this journey of becoming Supreme."


Ricardo is the go to guy and the motivation behind this well-run successful family business. After dropping out of his B Comm. Accounting degree, he was forced to jump in and take over the ropes from his father and mentor. “I remember fondly how my father kept me from school to help out back in the day when he started out which I obviously loved. I live, breath, sleep, eat and love what I do to keep the wheels turning nonstop on a daily basis.”

Ricardo is married to his sweetheart of 19 years and they have two beautiful kids, Jouke and RJ whom he adores. His two mottos, which he lives by are: "if opportunity doesn't knock, go out and build a door" and "you need to do what's right, but knowing what's right may not always be what you want."